Field of Products

Our factories our equipped with the latest machinery for the manufacture of high quality products, including: Extrusion machines, Flexo Graphic Printers, Bag making, Slitting, Strapping plant units and a Recycling plant to fulfill your industrial need.

  • Pharmaceutical

    We manufacture a range of products developed specifically for hygiene-critical packing, transfer and storage applications. This ensures the most secure internal transit packaging within

  • Petrochemical

    Petrochemical products are everywhere and are integral to modern societies. We manufacture products to carry or store petrochemical related fertilisers, packaging, clothing, digital devices,

  • Packaging

    Every industry relies on product packaging. We drive cutting edge products to help deliver innovative packaging solutions. Take a look around our website at

  • Textile

    Plastics are used in equipment throughout the manufacturing process for textiles and later on for packaging to be shipped out to the customer. We

  • Chemicals and Fertilizer

    We manufacture plastic products such as containers, and bags for fertilizers. Degradable sheets can be used for agricultural purposes as well. Take a look

  • Food processing

    Producing food grade plastic is a key requirement in this field. We offer a special portfolio of food contact materials, which meet the specific demands of

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